The Finance Cooperatives: The Way Forward in Islamic and Conventional Finance.

Fiat Currency – Inflation & Bubbles

Prof. Dr. Ahamed Kameel Mydin Meera speaks about the fiat currency being created “in surplus” of the real economy causing inflation and bubbles. He also suggested some solutions to overcome this problem.

Gold Dinar : Fantasy or Reality

GOLD DINAR : FANTASY or REALITY held at the main auditorium International Islamic University Malaysia – 24 Nov 2011. Panelist were Prof Dr Ahamed Kameel Mydin Meera and Prof Zubair Hasan.

EU & US Financial Crisis and the World Economy

Prof Ahmad Kameel Mydin Meera opening address titled “2012: Will the World Economy take the Greatest Plunge”
Location: Zahedah Hall, Tan Sri Azman Hashim Complex, International Islamic University, Gombak Selangor, Malaysia.